Web projects

Website creation, design & SEO!

Showcase site

Web platform through which one presents one’s activity, products and services, without selling directly online. It is a website with a commercial purpose.

Mobile application

Application software developed to work from mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, mobile phones, PDAs, personal digital assistants…

E-commerce website

Web platform dedicated to retailers who wish to present their catalogue in an attractive way and sell their products directly on the Internet.

The art of developing actions to promote and praise a product or service through social networks and to animate a community.

Community management

Marketing discipline based on the development and dissemination of valuable, informative and useful content to communicate effectively with its audience.

Marketing content
Campagne publicitaire

Marketing action whose purpose is to promote a brand, a product or a service through communication media.+

Campagne d’e-mailing

A direct marketing approach that consists of targeted distribution of an e-mail to several recipients who are part of a database.

Graphic charter

Graphics used to visually identify a company.

Gathers and graphically translates the company’s universe.

Design encompasses creative concepts as well as graphic ideas.

Set of graphic elements identifying an entity.

Positioning audit
A technique that consists in collecting the positions obtained by websites such as Cyan Magenta on the various search engines, and especially on different queries.
Netlinking strategy
Also known as link building, netlinking is a strategy that aims to increase the number of backlinks pointing to web pages for SEO and visibility optimisation.
Quality keywords
Keywords are one of the fundamentals of SEO. To work on them is to allow oneself to position oneself on the words and expressions that Internet users will type on a search engine.
Snack content

Short but powerful content

Storytelling and universe creation


Message in the form of a story

Impactful typography, bright colour gradients, 3D, minimalist design, responsive design…, the graphic trends are numerous.

Responsive design

Adjusted design of the Art Internet website, using different principles and techniques so that it can be adapted to the size of the screen used.

Third party tools

Integrated on a platform, so-called third-party tools significantly improve functionality and user experience.